BLOG: Authors Develop Radical Spin Off iPhone App

Chris Middleton & Tim Drake have worked with developer Revel Mob to create a spin-off iPhone App from their book YOU CAN BE AS YOUNG AS YOU THINK.

To date publishers have been focussing on routes to put content onto mobile phones, electronic devices and other eBook readers as another way of delivering the same content as the physical book.  Middleton & Drake have taken a leaf out of their own book’s mantra – to think and act in a ‘Young Brained’ way – to come up with a different approach.
The Brain Age Test, which is a simple, diverting and effective concept embedded in their book, has been adapted here into a fully fledged and stand-alone App.  The strength of this is that it has value on its own, but it also serves as a really effective marketing tool for the book and could drive users back to YOU CAN BE AS YOUNG AS YOU THINK as well as working on its own. 
Newly approved by Apple, the App will be downloadable off [is it the Apple Store?] the Brain Age Test will let users run through a series of tests to establish just what their Brain Age is – are they approaching life in a Young Brained or Old Brained way? And what does this mean. 
Tim Drake and Chris Middleton, both extremely experienced motivational speakers, researchers and consultants, have been putting this test and this thinking through its paces over the past two years in workshops, seminars and at conventions. Tim Drake states “We’ve had a hugely positive response from the people we’ve worked with professionally and the iPhone presented us with the perfect platform for taking this concept one step further.” Chris Middleton added “while everyone else is talking about eBooks, this actually seemed like a really exciting way of putting something from a book into a digital context.” 
YOU CAN BE AS YOUNG AS YOU THINK: Six Steps to Staying Younger and Feeling Sharper published by Prentice Hall Life at £10.99 is currently available through all good bookshops.  
The BrainAgeTest is available to download for free on the iTuens App Store:
Tim Drake & Chris Middleton are available for interview and comment.
For more information, contact Adrian Weston on 0208 408 7162, 07775 700 792 or email 
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