BLOG: To back up or not to back up, that is the question. With smartphones and tablet PC's the answer is always Yes!

Do you think your iPhone or iPad is invincible and there is no way it can be lost, broken or stolen? Think again. Statistics show that 1 in every 4 computer users suffers a critical data loss every year and that relates to iDevices as much, as it does to PCs and laptops. As they say, if you've never seen a grown-up man cry, wait till his computer crashes!
Nonetheless, people manage to come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they wouldn't backup their machines. 
The top three excuses are discussed below.
1) It's rather expensive
In most cases, backup does not cost anything. Although some services can be expensive, it is possible to backup all of your data for free or for a fraction of what an economic cost of losing all your data can potentially be. CD-Rs cost less that a burger and portable hard drives are affordable too. And high-end online backup service? Most start at $5 per month.
2) I don't know how
To be honest, it's not rocket science and anyhow, it is time to learn. You have learned to use a your computer in the first place, which means you can definitely learn to backup your files.  
3) It takes too long aka I'm too busy
If you go the old fashioned way (burning CDs), then yes, it may take a while.  But even the time it takes to burn a CD is nowhere near to the time it takes to restore all the lost data. Just image losing all you data.  What would you do? However, all those portable hard drives - they can back up you files at the same time while your browsing the internet or watching your favourite TV show. Give it a go - see how simple it is.