BLOG: Google Analytics Old Version

How to bring back the old vesion of Google Analytics? 

A few months ago Google has automatically switched us all from the Old Version of Google Analytics to the New Version, but they kept the Old Version button in the top right corner and if you are just like us and have numerous Google Analytics accounts - you must have hated the new analytics layout with all your heart.

However a few days ago you may have logged in to check out the stats and did not find the Old Version button. You may have thought - Hell with it, let's give the New Analytics a go, afterall change is good, even if it is ugly. But after 20 seconds of utter frustration with the new Analytics you have started panicing. Does that sound familiar?

Don't worry, in fact the the Old Version of Google Analytics did not go anywhere - it's just at the very, very bottom of the page.

Good luck and keep on enjoying the old version while it lasts.

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