BLOG: Mobile Devices Rob Us of Required Downtime

Today’s smartphone industry with its computer-like, full-featured mobile devices and constant internet access misses no chance to fill every small bit of our free time. We sacrifice downtime as we spend idle moments peering into those LCD screens. We become addicted to our iPhones, CrackBerry's, iPads, Galaxy's, Droids and our brains are often denied a moment’s respite.

Scientists have proved that a deluge of information that gets crammed into our heads as we multitask can result in unwanted side effects. People impair their chances of better learning and remembering things while overwhelming their brains with a continuous flow of data.
Chatting over the phone while waiting in line, checking email or playing a game may seem relaxing, entertaining or productive, but instead refreshing ourselves what we actually do is exhausting ourselves. Constant mental stimulation causes mental fatigue.
We may think we are killing time and multitasking while standing in line at a shop or exercising our body at a fitness center, but no break from the screen deprives us of a chance to re-charge our batteries.
How much do you rely on your smartphone? Even when you’re not using your iPhone or Blackberry for e-mailing your clients or calling your co-workers, you probably are either using it to run a fun application or listen to some songs to unwind.
However, according to this latest research, that is one habit that is definitely a no-no. Scientists have discovered that using your smartphone all the time will reduce the time your brain needs to learn and process information. Thus, despite being connected with the whole world, your mental skills won’t develop as much as they would had you taken a walk in an all natural surrounding. After all, a stroll in a park or a simple peek out of the window [don't confuse with voyeurism :)] is a lot more relaxing and salutary experience.
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