BLOG: Ten app-solutely annoying habits

If you have been following mobile and smartphone industry related blogs and portals for a while, you may have noticed that many journalists, bloggers and commentators are frequently using “app-this” and “app-that” in their articles... It goes along these lines:

  • App-solutely wonderful iPhone game…
  • To keep app-dated with the recent iPhone realeases...
  • App-arently free games are the most popular category on the AppStore...
  • App Advice Daily - App-isode 112 
  • Etc.

Well, to all those of you who are equally annoyed or fascinated by this habit and by what the Planet of the Apps, the smartphone industry and iFuture in general hold for us, here is a list of app-roximately ten most commonly used ‘app’-prefixes.

  • App-etite, as in: Steve Jobs’ app-etite for innovation is insatiable…
  • App-eal, as in: We would like to app-eal to all those 22 Palm addicts…
  • App-hrodisiac, as in: No doubt, this game – the only app-hrodisiac in town - will keep you up all night
  • App-laud, as in: The recent release by Revel Mob deserves some app-lause
  • App-rentice, as in: Bill is an Objective C expert and will make a great app-rentice
  • App-olitical, as in: It seems the only app-olitical place on the Planet of the Apps is Nokia’s Ovi Store.
  • App-rove, as in: At long last iKal Book has been app-roved
  • App-sinthe, as in: You have to take care when using this app, plays 'app-sinthe'-like tricks with your mind
  • App-athy, as in: User app-athy – is the cause of all Windows Mobile woes
  • App-ear, as in: It app-ears Palm has run out of steam

To those of you who majored in English - please accept out app-ologies, we mean no harm.

Of course, if you have more suggestions, please leave a comment. The community will sincerely app-reciate any input.

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