BLOG: Where M I? At the top of the list!

 Where M I - the best geo-location smartphone app of the year has not only conquered your hearts, but also your phones and the AppStore. As of Friday the 12th August 2011, Where M I is the leading title in the Health & Fitness apps in the following markets:



- Number 1 in France, Italy and Niger

- Number 3 in the UK

- Number 4 in Columbia

- Number 5 in Luxembourg and Republic of Malta

- Number 6 in Belgium

- Number 9 in Switzerland

We even rank at Number 49 in the USA, sandwiched between Austria (number 47) and Malaysia (number 50).

There is still a lot of work to be done to get within top 10 for all other countries, but thank you very much for your support and we are working on releasing more exciting features in the near future!

Also, it goes without saying that MAXIMUM Radio, DFM, RusRadio & Hit FM radio apps, which we developed for the Russian MediaGroup have been top selling apps in the Russian AppStore for over two weeks now.

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