Do you know the secret of the perfect Bunny Suicide?

The latest update of the Bunnycides app (the official app of the Bunny Suicides series) is out:

In this latest update you will find: 

- Six new and unique Bunny Suicides;

- Soundtrack for both old and new Bunnycides;


Ten things you should know about Internet and Smartphone Security

Smartphone securityWhen you know what you are dealing with - half of the battle is already won. You may not necessarily win the war, but at least you are not fighting blindfolded. Here are 10 things you should know in order to make your Internet browsing safer and more pleasant.


The best way to market your smartphone apps

iPhone app promotionYou come up with an idea, find developers and designers, spend oodles of dollars and plenty of time brining it to life, up and running. Then what?


To back up or not to back up, that is the question. With smartphones and tablet PC's the answer is always Yes!

Do you think your iPhone or iPad is invincible and there is no way it can be lost, broken or stolen? Think again. Statistics show that 1 in every 4 computer users suffers a critical data loss every year and that relates to iDevices as much, as it does to PCs and laptops.


iPad: The Latest Tool for Today’s Businessman

Though the iPhone had been rejected by businessmen the minute it was released, the iPad had been welcomed with open arms. Apple’s recent addition provided businessmen with excellent features that helped them manage their operations more effectively.


The Aero: Dell’s Latest Offering to the Smartphone World

Dell, the computer making giant, has finally decided to establish itself in the smartphone field with its new Aero. Previously, Dell had release the Mini 3i in China only. Despite not divulging how the Mini 3i was received in China, Dell decided to market the Aero in the U.S. this August.


The Future of Literacy Belongs to E-Books and E-Readers

e-readerA few years back, the number of readers across the globe had started shrinking. Everyone lost interest in reading books. However, with the advent of e-Books, things changed for the better. 


Mobile Devices Rob Us of Required Downtime

Today’s smartphone industry with its computer-like, full-featured mobile devices and constant internet access misses no chance to fill every small bit of our free time. We sacrifice downtime as we spend idle moments peering into those LCD screens. We become addicted to our iPhones, CrackBerry's, iPads, Galaxy's, Droids and our brains are often denied a moment’s respite.


Why are Android smartphones so expensive?

Android smartphoneHaving analyzed the smartphone market most punters would eventually end up asking the same question: Why is there no actual difference in price between Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones? For an average Joe almost identical prices for various smartphones ar


iPad is still in demand

iPad demandOn January 27, 2010 during the official presentation in San-Francisco Steve Jobs, the CEO of the Silicon Valley high-tech giant Apple, unveiled a new leading-edge device - touch-sensitive flatbed tablet computer - iPad.


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