• iPanda

  • iPanda is an informative Panda application, created to inform Panda lovers from around the world about all current Pandas in captivity. The iPanda app, a portable Pandapedia about Pandas living in captivity, provides photos, location details, description, short biographies and other useful and interesting information about more than 30 Pandas living in zoos throughout the world.


Features of iPanda app:

* Information and photos about more than 30 pandas living in captivity;

* Attractive and easy-to-use interface;

* All information is stored on your device and the app can work offline;

* We are planning to add considerably more features in the near future, therefore your feedback is essential. 


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. 


iPanda includes everything you need to know about Pandas and saves lots of time for people who are searching for Panda information and updates. The application stores information about Pandas on a user’s iDevice, which means easy access and retrieval whenever time allows, without the necessity of connecting to the Internet.