• Where M I

  • Share your location in real-time with Where M I. Great for marathoners to send their GPS co-ordinates, so family and friends can track their position and be there to cheer them over the finish line. So easy to use, too!


Have a look at the features you get in Where M I:

* Super easy to use interface

* No account creation needed

* Provides real-time tracking

* Send Location Keys to individuals or groups to allow them to track you

* Includes help manual

* Requires internet connection to run in the background


See: www.wheremi.pro for additional features and functionality


- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

- Requires iOS 3.1 or later

- Ideal for iOS 4.1 and later. 

- Please note, since iOS 3.X does not support multitasking, if that is the current operating system on your iPhone you will not be able to run the Where M I app in the background.

- Get the best GPS real-time tracking smartphone app of the year now!