Mobile Devices Rob Us of Required Downtime

Today’s smartphone industry with its computer-like, full-featured mobile devices and constant internet access misses no chance to fill every small bit of our free time. We sacrifice downtime as we spend idle moments peering into those LCD screens. We become addicted to our iPhones, CrackBerry's, iPads, Galaxy's, Droids and our brains are often denied a moment’s respite.


Why are Android smartphones so expensive?

Android smartphoneHaving analyzed the smartphone market most punters would eventually end up asking the same question: Why is there no actual difference in price between Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones? For an average Joe almost identical prices for various smartphones ar


Smartphone shipments surge in the second quarter

Worldwide smartphone shipments increased by 43% in the second quarter in comparison to last year to approximately 60 million units. Nokia widened its lead over competitors by total number of units sold, with smartphones making up 19% of total handset volumes in the quarter.


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